"Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to
live on this earth forever.The environment is and will always be number
one – One Life, One World, Our Future."
  Design, engineering of a two stage food waste biomethanization plant at L&T Chennai.
  Design, Engineering of biological attached growth sewage treatment system at NPCL Tamil Nadu.
  Project feasibility of Kattamanchi lake bioremediation at Chittore, AP.
  Design/Construction of Communal Biogas Waste to Power System Project to support the National Food Exchange Program (NFEX) of the national government.
               Bulacan Communal Digester.
               Hog population – 100,000 heads.
               Power plant capacity - 1.
  Hydro geological study and rain water harvesting at JSW Cements.
  Design, engineering solar powered eco toilets in Ghana.
  Design, engineering of hybrid anaerobic bioreactor for San Miguel Corporation at Sumilao.
  Bioremediation of oil spill in Sea, Ireland.
  Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon soil contamination at San Piero a sieve in Italy.
  Bioremediation of soil washing dry slurry with high pH due to lime addition in Italy.
  Energy audit at American Power Corp.,Rosario,Cavite.
  Training and development of Operation and Maintenance Manual for Biogas Waste to Power System of Pig City Hog Farm, Gen. Trias, Cavite with hog population of 120,000 heads and power plant capacity of 1MW.
  Initial Environmental Examination Report for Gasifier Plant of Mariwasa Siam, Sto.Tomas, Batangas with a power plant capacity of 200KW.
  Revision of the Feasibility Study on an Integrated Panay Railway System Project which included waste energy facility and bio-ethanol component to enhance financial and economic viability of the project.
  Initial Environmental Examination Report for seven Biomass-based power plants of Asia One Power, One plant in Aklan, Guimaras, Antique and Kalibo and 3 plants in Iloilo with power plant capacity – 2.5 to 5MW each.
  Groundwater remediation at EMOIL Dubai.
  Environmental site assessments at EPPCO retail stations, Dubai.
  EIA study at Joseph Industries, Dubai.
  EIA study at Wonu International FZE, Dubai.
  Design and development of multistage aerobic bioreactor for residential sewage treatment.
  Product development on horizontal biogas plants.
  Due diligence of biomass to bio oil through flash pyrolysis.
  Development of zero sludge waste treatment plant.
  Development of Sustainable treatment technology concepts for housing projects.
  Due diligence on pyro gasification process.
  Bioremediation of 10,000L of hydraulic oil was spilled on the premises of the heavy engineering firm.
  Facilities audit of Amertron Sucat and Clark Facilities- Identified areas for improvement in preventive maintenance, energy conservation, safety, environmental and health.
  Environmental survey and ground water assessment of hydrocarbon storage tanks and pipelines.
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